Meet NiroWell

Extracting the power of nature to impact wellness
NiroWell is a natural, raw material supplier to the dietary supplement, nutraceutical, and functional food and beverage industry. Incubated in 2017, NiroWell is backed by an industry-leading, natural food color manufacturer and is focused on quality, transparent supply chain, and innovative products.
NiroWell’s name is derived from Nirog, the Hindi word for “absence of disease” or “healthy.” The latter part of the name indicates the company’s passion for wholeness and wellness. NiroWell prides itself on its agility and responsiveness to current and potential customer requests.
NiroWell is dedicated to providing quality products to companies helping individuals feel and live their best lives through nature’s ingredients. Customers can be confident knowing the high-quality ingredients are attained through rigorous, validated and vetted standards. The natural ingredients are designed to improve functionality while minimizing taste and aroma attributes of the final product.