• Katie Floyd

Spirulina and Ice Cream

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

It seems we are continuously finding new and innovative uses for functional ingredients. Spirulina has widely been known for its use as a dietary supplement. Recently, we stumbled upon a study that investigated replacing artificial stabilizers in ice cream with spirulina and Chlorella, and the effect that might have on the finished product.

According to the study, consumers are aware how impactful food can be on their health, but don’t always consider its impact of production and consumption on global resources. There is also an increasing demand for more sustainable food production. By replacing traditional ice cream stabilizers with spirulina and Chlorella, the study aimed to explore the use of sustainable ingredients in the production of ice cream.

Based on the results, "a concentration of 1% Spirulina can replace the stabilizer in the preparation of ice cream, the physical and sensory parameters being close to those of the control. Spirulina freshwater algae has a sustainable use in the food and cooking industry as a substitute for synthetic additives (stabilizers, emulsifiers and colorants) for enrichment of dairy products and fruit drinks."

Full study is linked below.


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